joi, 2 februarie 2012

He got thanks in the past, today he is under arrest for the same thing.

It's a black day.,2817,2399698,00.asp

TinKode..He is a very talented guy. He is interesting and has an outstanding personality. He is not ordinary.

He has found a lot of vulnerabilities in many web sites.

Tinkode was included in Google's january-march 2011 Hall of Fame, but now is arrested.

He's been arrested for the vulnerabilities he had found. Google thank people for that, government punish them for the same thing.

So anyone who look for vulnerabilities in websites, should know that he can get arrested for that.

He is 20 years old and jail is not the best place for TinKode. Yes, sometimes people can make mistakes (not grave ones), but we are all human and we can understand and forgive this. He is a talanted guy and he can have a good future ahead of him. Serving sentence in jail isn’t a good future. They call him "Serial Hacker"? What is this? Is it like a Serial Killer, who kills a lot of people? No. Yes, he found sql injections on some sites, but I know he didn't intend to do any harm. It's not his fault. It's the fault of administrators of those sites. What should be done to TinKode? Click the “thank” button and let him go home.

"Perhaps now is a good time to remind everyone who thinks it's cool or amusing to expose an organization’s weak security that hacking into a site is still a crime, regardless of what your incentive may be. (с) Graham Cluley"

TinKode not a demo for other hackers!


TinKode, we love you and miss you!
We hope you will come back!


SP Tnx for help : ehackingnews

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